The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2017 – Portfolio Themes

The search for the right WordPress premium themes does not just end in making a few little steps of choosing and decision makings. Choosing the right theme which is whether to pick the old or the new ones is crucial. There are associated pros and cons of purchasing both the old themes and the latest themes and it’s important for a user to carefully understand his/her needs for the website. .

  • Old VS New Themes

It is natural for new themes to provide some freshness to the website, but the problem is that few bugs might actually come along. The developers have tried hard to think of everything that the user may need, but the number of the available plug-ins is big, it is nearly impossible in nature. Without any doubt, there will always be present bugs and/or options that the developers have forgotten.

Older themes have already worked out on most of the issues so the themes should just contain the least number of bugs, a bigger number of options coded and in accommodation of popular plugins, custom CSS code is already made. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of the older themes is that it will make the theme look like it is used by almost everyone on the internet. .

  • Case Sample

Kaptinlin’s striking theme is one of the best examples of sight because it is a very popular premium WordPress theme.  Kaptinlin is at theme support with his theme that contains more options to build into it. On, a shocking number of over 12,000 users have chosen and downloaded the WordPress theme since its first introduction in October 2010. What this could mean is that it is possibly in use in many websites. But it contains striking which many websites also use, making them look similar. Kaptinlin is a great developer and it is not his fault but rather a nature of a stock WordPress theme.

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